Sunday, September 13, 2009

Patinas and Bezels...

Oregano and Cat's Eye, and Rosemary and Rhodochrosite.

The Cat's Eye is for me! I experimented more with patinas on this necklace and came up with fabulous results. I used the egg method. Natural, easily attainable, and beautiful. The praise couldn't be higher from me. I used JAX Blackener last time and it was gross. I am so over chemicals, using lovely natural eggs was a dream! And the colors that resulted are really great.

The Rhodochrosite necklace will be available on Etsy. This time I tweaked the rosemary leaves towards the stone a bit to give it a sexier feel. I am really happy wit this design. More to come...


  1. oooo how gorgeous. I love all the detail in the leaves.

  2. Wow - love that pink one a lot :)

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm working on some similar necklaces now... cant wait to show them!