Friday, November 6, 2009


Here is me at my day job! I make molds, cast sculptures, fabricate, help set up film and photo shoots among other things.
Notice my big glasses... I won't be wearing those anymore. Yesterday I had LASIK surgery!!! Upon arriving at the doctors office I took a Vicodin and Xanax. I swallowed the pills gratefully and waited for a wave of relaxation to fall over me. It didn't happen. I was so amped up. I kept thinking, when will I relax? Can I make a run for it? The elevator is right in front of me...
The final waiting room was next to the operating room. When we arrived, another patient was waiting for her procedure. She was excited. Happy. A guy walked out of the operating room. Everyone whipped around to take a good look at him. He looked good! Wearing big sunglasses, lead the way out. "Wow" I thought, it cant be that bad. More patients filed into the room. Most accompanied by a partner who was trying to downplay the foreboding situation. Me and my fellow nearsighted patients sat facing one another listening to the sound of the laser cutting. K.K.K.K.K.K.K.K. A grating, high pitched sound. "That's her eyeball being cut!"
One big tough looking guy sat by his girlfriend staring solemnly. He was silent. The woman beside him whispered into his ear and he sat fixed. Trying to transport himself out of that room. "He was so nervous." my boyfriend later told me. That guy was not alone. My heart was pounding, hands fidgeting, trying to breath. We were all anticipating something unspeakable. One by one the patients were released from the room. Everyone looked a little dazed. Reborn. Gone would be waking to fuzzy faces. Gone would be my headaches from glasses pushed against nose and temples. Gone was the insufferable irritation and pain from wearing contacts.
I was in the operating room for about 15 minutes. The doctor and nurses were so nice and comforting. They talked me through everything. I held onto two stress balls under a blanket. I tried to squeeze and my hands wouldn't make a fist. Maybe those drugs were working! First they put lots of numbing drops in my eyes. I was terrified that those drops weren't enough. "You can put more" I laughed. The Vicodin was kicking in. It was hard not to smile. I was getting LASIK!
A big suction cup latched onto my eyeball steadying them for the initial laser cuts. The computer operated laser cut a flap into both eyes over my cornea and the doctor bent the flaps over. The doctor check and rechecked everything. I was temporarily blind with the flaps up. Only a fuzzy grey and a faint blinking light. "Keep looking at the light"
"Oh, there it is" I laughed. "Holy shit" I said to myself. "I can't feel the cutting, just some pressure. Its OK. Everything is going to be OK."
I wore big full face "retirement" sunglasses while my boyfriend drove me home. The rest of the day was spent in bed. I felt like I had an eyelashes in my eyes. Some stinging. But sleep heals. The eye's are amazingly resilient.
Today, I am taking off from my day job. The doctor said that I can go back to work today but for my job, I don't think so. Too much dust and fumes there and I want to play it safe. I will take it easy this weekend. My sight is AMAZING now! I have some halos around bright lights at night. This is normal. My eyes are dry and this is normal. I have three types of eye drops, and they are my best friends right now.
I will have a check up later today, I expect my vision will be near perfect.
This is a life changing event. I am so happy with my decision to get LASIK! I have had surges of emotion throughout this journey. Tears well up when the reality hits me that I can see. I just received a text from my wonderful boyfriend, "How's life with the new eyes?"
It is incredible!


  1. Yay! Well done. I've often thought about having it done, but I'm shockingly short sighted! Good luck with your check up :)


  2. YAY! I'm so glad you can see. I hate glasses!

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  4. Thanks! I cant stand glasses. Its so amazing to see the buildings clearly now! And to see peoples faces on the street without uncomfortable glasses or contacts!

  5. Congrats Julee! Your so cute!!!!!!

  6. i'm so glad it went well for you :) enjoy your new found vision!!!

  7. Awesome - congrats on the LASIK. Had mine in 2007 & I LOVE it.

    My husband has the same job as you - he likes it a lot.

    Great blog :)