Friday, May 14, 2010


My Rattlesnake Vertebrae and Moishe came in the mail today. I LOVE them!

roadkill has always been one of my favorite Etsy shops. Back when I first discovered Etsy I was searching for cast jewelry and this awesome antler necklace popped up and I though, "Wow! There is actually some great stuff on this site!"
So I just did a trade with roadkill!!!!! Its an awesome store, go check them out!
I finally asked Elaine Ho, the stores owner, if she would be interested in trading a
nd she was! I love my new necklaces. Moishe is soooo cute and a cha
racter from one of my favorite childhood books, "Where the Wild Things are" by Maurice Sendak. Haven't seen the new movie yet... on my list
of things to do. And the Rattlesnake Vertebrae is special for me too because where I grew up was ripe with rattlesnakes and I remember watching my dad skin a rattlesnake once. We used to find old bones too. I thought they were so cool looking how the vertebrae bones fit together like a puzzle.

Thanks Eliane!!!

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