Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cleaning Silver

I've heard about an easy cleaning method for silver tarnish. Memories of a lazy Sunday afternoon a few years ago. Me watching an infomercial about a book of home remedies. The frantic salesman on TV demonstrating entries in the book. Little sneak peaks. This one really caught my eye. It seemed so cool, cleaning silver in an aluminum pan.
Well, I finally tried it out today and its awesome! Easy and cheap. Most likely you will have everything that you need on hand!
Baking Soda, Salt, Aluminum pan or foil, hot water. And my dog Gunny's helping!

Get a disposable Aluminum pan like I have here or line one of your pans with aluminum foil.
1Tbs Baking Soda and 1Tbs Salt into the pan. Heaping Tbs's are fine!
Boil some hot water and pour a little bit into the pan.
Stir for a second and dissolve most of the mix.
Dunk your tarnished silver in!
Watch it clean magically.
I don't recommend trying this on jewelry with gemstones. Some stones might be fine, but i would do some research first. Also, don't clean your oxidized jewelry this way. It will take the oxidation off too.

Its so cool! Here are my tarnished silver necklaces. Tarnish city! Especially the feather necklace. Its so dirty! I cant see how dunking that into anything will clean it.

Let the silver soak. Depending on how dirty it is, a few seconds might be good enough. Or a few minutes. I scrubbed the feather some with the undissolved solution in the aluminum... it was so dirty.

And here they are a few minutes later!!!



  1. Wow!! Thanks for sharing that great tip. I remember spending days before Thanksgiving polishing the silver forks, knives and spoons--nothing this quick.

  2. Awesome! I always wondered it that really worked!

  3. wow that's awesome! thanks for the tutorial. i like that it's so cheap to do :)

  4. Thanks I'll try this,I tried toothpaste and it wasn't any good.

  5. That's so neat! Thanks for sharing.